About Us

Empowering Excellence!

Wiztoonz Academy of Media and Design embraces a rich experience in the field of Media, Animation and Design for almost a decade now. Being a division of Wiztoonz Animations Pvt. Ltd., it started off its operations in 2007. From its inception, Wiztoonz has always strived to provide quality learning & connect students to their passion. Committed to provide Extensive, Practical & Industry relevant Training. Wiztoonz helps students to turn their skill and talent into a promising creative career.

Creativity Abound!

With our experience in Multimedia teaching and industry, we’ve obtained a thorough understanding of students’ & industry’s requirements. This is reflected in our innovative training facilities. By learning in a real-world-production environment, our students not only are Industry ready but also possess an enhanced, creative outlook. Visit our campus and experience these pioneering facilities.

The Spirit!

WIZTOONZ’s reputation is built on the intensity of its programs, all of which depends upon the rigor and focus necessary to prepare students for professional excellence & leadership. This approach has been and will continue to be the central, defining characteristic of WIZTOONZ’s education.