Basics Of Creative Writing



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Duration 5 hours

Learning Objectives

To identify,analyze and use the elements of literary craft appropriate for chosen genre and what is writer’s block ,how to deal with it.
Learning of development of own style of writing and discovery of own stylization with applied literature craft techniques.
Understanding of use of central subject matters which comes out from own life experience and imagination.
Understanding of the creative process as a forum for critical as well as intuitive thinking.
Understanding to shape a poem in terms of concept,lineation,stanza ,structure,rhythm and sound to effectively work within parameters of various poetic forms.
Learn to invent and organize plot,develop character,make use of evocative imagery,shape and control the formal in both modular and linear narratives in fiction writing.
Learn to convert a story/concept into script and storyboarding.
Learn to write and distinguish between various types of nonfiction including memoir, personal essay, journals, blogs, newspaper articles, documentary scripts and determine when and how to use research from appropriate sources to make the skill strong.

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Fundamentals of creative writing

Elements, Types & Traditional forms of writing

Fiction & Non-Fiction divergence & Visual writing

New trends in creative writing

Practical assignment on drama & it’s techniques

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