Basics Of Film Appreciation



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Duration 5 hours

Learning Objectives

To become an active viewer of cinema, developing one’s own informed perspective through personal engagement with films using analytical tools and technique.
Learning about what is Film and Film language,purpose of filmmaking and film appreciation
To identify the film genre and their structure
Understand the way that content, form and contexts work together to create meaning in Film.
Learning of World film history in short to identify and use key concepts in film criticism
To know some creative and technical tools and techniques of filmmaking which can be an added flavor in this course.
To know about World film festivals and Film markets ,film labs.

Course Preview



Process of filmmaking with Director’s approach

World film history with different genres, stylization.

National and international film festivals, film markets, commercial releases of films.

Case Study in film analysis and criticism

Fundamentals on film, film appreciation, film aesthetic and film language

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