Learn UI/ UX Design



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Duration 10 hours

Learning Objectives

Understanding the basics of UI UX
Understand the complete UX Process flow

Course Requirements

  • Laptop / Desktop with a decent configuration
  • Headphones with Mic
  • A good Internet connection

Course Preview



Intro to UX Process Flow

Understanding the Problem: Fishbone

UX Objective

Research: Competitor and User | SWOT, Scamper, User Persona

SItemaps, Userflows and Wireframes

Visual Design, Moodboards and Stylescapes

Hi Fi Prototyping

UX Laws and UX Testing

Batch Schedule

16-MayMondayB18pm - 9pmIntro to UX
17-MayTuesdayB18pm - 9pmFundamentals of Design
18-MayWednesdayB18pm - 9pmUX Process Flow
19-MayThursdayB18pm - 9pmDesign Objective- Fishbones
20-MayFridayB18pm - 9pmUX Research -SWOT, Scamper, Persona
23-MayMondayB18pm - 9pmCustomer Journey Map
24-MayTuesdayB18pm - 9pmSitemaps, Userflow
25-MayWednesdayB18pm - 9pmWireframes and Prototypes
26-MayThursdayB18pm - 9pmTechno Probes
27-MayFridayB18pm - 9pmUX Portfolio
18-JulyMondayB28pm - 9pmIntro to UX
19-JulyTuesdayB28pm - 9pmFundamentals of Design
20-JulyWednesdayB28pm - 9pmUX Process Flow
21-JulyThursdayB28pm - 9pmDesign Objective- Fishbones
22-JulyFridayB28pm - 9pmUX Research -SWOT, Scamper, Persona
25-JulyMondayB28pm - 9pmCustomer Journey Map
26-JulyTuesdayB28pm - 9pmSitemaps, Userflow
27-JulyWednesdayB28pm - 9pmWireframes and Prototypes
28-JulyThursdayB28pm - 9pmTechno Probes
29-JulyFridayB28pm - 9pmUX Portfolio

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